Daily Adventures + Magical Moments = Everlasting Memories

Growing Minds Throughout The Summer
To Inspire A Lifelong Love Of Learning

Daily Adventures + Magical Moments = Everlasting Memories

Growing Minds Throughout The Summer To Inspire A Lifelong Love Of Learning

Summer Camp | 1 - 6 Years | Serving Northrige, CA

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Hands-On Opportunities For Continuous Learning

Hands-On Opportunities For Continuous Learning

Summer camp helps build important life skills like teamwork, independence, responsibility, character, confidence, and so much more—an extra 2 months of learning and development over the summer means your child is well on their way to a successful year ahead.

Learn, Explore, & Discover In A Safe, Positive Environment

Enjoy peace of mind as your child spends their summer days filled with fun, educational activities. The qualified hearts and hands of certified teachers encourage each child holistically to become their most authentic self in a warm, happy environment.

Rest Assured Theyre Safe And Thriving

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Learning And Discovery Through Fun And Games

Let Loose & Have Fun In A Controlled Environment

School’s out for the summer, but the joy of learning never stops! Keep their minds sharp with exciting and engaging camp activities like science experiments, creative writing, math games, and having fun with learning new languages.

Flexible Programs That Fit Your Busy Schedule

Camp works around your busy life with full- and part-time options to choose from. There’s always warm welcomes awaiting campers who arrive at staggered times—drop off your child anytime and watch them jump right into fun activities with fellow campers.

Flexible Options To Suit You

Science Camp For Young Explorers!

Take A Look At Your Little One’s Science Labs!

“Your child will explore their natural curiosity, excitement, and wonder in the world of science.”

The Chemistry Lab

They experiment with their senses exploring matter, mixes, and reactions that make up the science of Chemistry.

The Physics Lab

They break out their inner genius investigating the concepts of sound, light, and forces that comprise the science of Physics.

The Engineering Lab

Watch them play with with magnets, test out parachutes, and build with shapes to test our strength in Engineering.

The Biology Lab

They classify living and non-living things, learn about animal adaptations, study germs and how to stay healthy, and environmental care with Biology.

Diverse Enrichments Pique Interest & Inspire Colorful Imaginations

Summer camp is a time to embark on cultural adventures. Your child explores their creativity and discovers new skills and passions through arts, crafts, music, dance, and learning new languages like Russian, Arabic, Spanish, Armenian, and English—teaching them to welcome diversity and new ideas.

Outdoor Activities & Weekly Water Play Keep Them Moving & Grooving

With tons of time outdoors and weekly water play, your child enjoys the freedom to spark their imaginations, get refreshed, and build gross motor skills by running, jumping, and crawling through the grass, climbing on natural structures, and riding tricycles.
Enjoying Summer In The Great Outdoors

Open Year-Round, With Flexible Scheduling, From 7 a.M. to 6 p.M.

Exciting Field Trips Promote Fun & Real-World Learning

Your child heads out on summer adventures to touch, feel, and listen to the world outside of school. Safe, fully supervised, and well-planned field trips allow them to visit new places, make exciting discoveries, and encourage social-emotional development.

Exciting Field Trips Open Little Minds

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Healthy Meals Make Very Happy Campers

Nutritious Meals Included In Tuition = Non-Stop Energy

Your little camper develops healthy lifestyle habits with a delicious menu supported by the Healthy Me curriculum. Hearty meals made onsite in a nut-free environment with organic, dye- and preservative-free ingredients are fully customizable to navigate any dietary restrictions.

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