Keeping Your Child Safe And Healthy Is Easy

With Proven Guidelines Like Temperature Checks And Mask-Wearing

Keeping Your Child Safe And Healthy Is Easy

With Proven Guidelines Like Temperature Checks And Mask-Wearing

Protective Face Masks Keep Your Child Safe

We provide protective face coverings for all staff members at school, so your child’s health stays shielded from potential risk.

Tracking Symptoms To Keep Everyone Healthy

Temperature checks for all staff members and children upon arrival, along with wellness checks throughout the day, make it easy to track symptoms, quickly respond, and ensure all who enter the facility are symptom-free.

Limited Access And Single Serve Foods Stops Exposure

To curb the spread of germs, parents and family members remain in the parking lot only, and tours are via Zoom. Family-style dining is on hold and replaced by pre-plated meals, limiting the potential risk of cross-contamination to keep your child safe.

Heightened Cleaning And Hygiene Keep Spaces Safe

Frequent, thorough hand washing ensures germ-free hands to keep tools and toys clean, while scheduled cleaning and sanitizing keep your child’s surfaces and spaces free of contaminants for a healthy home-away-from-home where peace of mind prevails.
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We call you immediately so you can pick them up as soon as possible.
Your child must stay home if they display any signs of illness until they are symptom-free for 24 hours or have a physician’s approval for them to reenter a child care setting.
We require that children and staff stay home from school for 14 days following their last potential exposure.

We’re following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance for child care providers (CDC Childcare and K-12 Guidance) and their Travel Advisory (

The Travel Advisory lists areas that are heavily affected (Level 3). If you or a household member traveled to one of them, please wait 14 days before returning.

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